Spatial Effect Generator

The SEG, also originally know by the name Searl Effect Generator, is a small portable device, approx 1 meter in diameter, which generates 15 kWh you can use to power any device which runs on AC or DC voltage. It requires no other source of fuel other then free floating electrons, which exist everywhere in nature, it is modular in design allowing you to stack units together and contains magnetically suspended bearings which produce no friction allowing it to essentially last forever. It can power anything from vehicles, homes, businesses, urban or remote. Connect enough together and you could even power an entire city!
How does it work?

The best way to describe how the SEG works is to compare it to a concept we already understand fully, a Dam.

  • Water in its usable form flows through the Hydroelectric Dam = Electrons in the Neodymium in their usable form flow through the dielectric layer (Electron Dam or Regulator).
  • As the water is allowed to flow through the motor-generator, it starts to produce electricity = As the electrons are allowed to flow, the SEG motor-generator starts to produce electricity with external C-shaped electromagnets.
  • The water behind the dam is understood = The electron behind the SEG dam should be understood likewise.
  • That the dam holds back water in H2O currents is understood = That the SEG dam holds back electrons within the Neodymium in electrical currents should be understood likewise.
  • As the hydroelectric motor is regulated with flow of water, more water, more power is understood = As the SEG motor regulates the flow of electrons, more electrons, more power can be understood just as well.
  • In both cases the flow of the medium turns the motor generator.
  • In both cases the motor generator produces electricity.
  • In both cases we can see that hydroelectric power and SEG power are very similar.
  • The primary difference is the medium used to turn the motor/ generator system.

There are so many negative electrons out there…and they are just looking for a positive place to go.

(Bad punny joke, I couldn’t help it!)

(Visit their website for more detailed description of the process as well as a 5 minute video by Professor John Searl and Fernando D Morris followed by a animated short to help complete the picture. Source: SEG Magnetics)

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