Oasia Hotel

Singapore’s Oasia Hotel Downtown is alive – and growing fast. Covered in 21 species of verdant climbers and flowers, it was designed by local architects WOHA as the first tropical high-rise. “We wanted as many species as possible to recreate an ecosystem,” says WOHA co-founder Wong Mun Summ, 54. “It has flowers to attract insects and climbers for squirrels and lizards.”

Located in Singapore’s dense business district, the 190-metre-high building was designed to compensate for the area’s lack of greenery. “Sustainability is important to us,” Mun Summ says. It has open-sided gardens, so there is no need for mechanical ventilation in the hotel’s 314 rooms and 100 office units. Most of the water for the irrigation system is harvested from rainfall.

Imagine what cities can look like covered in eco-friendly carbon-sequestering towers!

Here is the source article from wired!

Movimento 90 Degrees


“The lack of green areas is an overwhelming problem that must be solved, especially in large cities, where there is also an infinite amount of windowless façades. These “non-places” are like a catalyst for great urban problems and exist in the cities’ landscapes as proof of the negative consequences of a city that grows without consciousness.” – from m.90 Manifesto

m.90 is a landscape studio in Brazil driven by a social and environmental impact business model. They aim at increasing green areas in large cities through the installation of vertical gardens, which consequently impact the urban landscape and natural quality of life. On top of installing vertical parks, m.90 also works on vertical gardens in residential and commercial spaces. They are a big proponent of sharing the “why” behind what they do through courses, workshops and lectures. Can you imagine a future where we had vertical farms scaling vast portions of tall buildings in major cities?

Check out their website to read their whole manifesto and keep up on what Guil Blanche (head of m.90) and his team are up to!