In Climate Cooldown, you and your fellow players are working together to save the planet from ecological destruction.

Together you will be faced up against disasters, invest in sustainable power, divest from unsustainable power, heal the land and ocean with climate solutions and bring down the overall impact of global emissions to ensure that humanity has a livable planet in the future.
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"My students were just so excited that there was a game about climate change and they were going to get to play it, too! It started good conversation while playing, and their understanding and ability to reason about the subject matter grew. It blew me away when they put together new info with existing knowledge and were able to clarify and convince each other which move to make."
Theresa C.
4th Grade Teacher
"Our class loved working together to build a better world in Climate Cooldown. It's rare to find a game that teaches the science of climate disasters and solutions in such a fun way!"
Prof. Dargan Frierson
Department of Atmospheric Sciences at University of Washington and Director, EarthGames
"Climate Cooldown is an especially interesting teaching tool, as it creates a starting point for students in discussing the complexities of the social, political, and physical processes that fuel the climate crisis. It offers a useful framework or mnemonic device for keeping track of the systems and moving parts that should be part of any discussion of anthropogenic climate change."
Harlin/Hayley Steele
Project Director at UC Davis ModLab

Frequently Asked Questions

Most frequent questions and answers

Climate Cooldown is a cooperative board game. It is a challenging game that puts to the test our ability to work together as a team to solve problems critical to life on planet earth.

The goal of Climate Cooldown is to lower our collective impact on the planet. Global emission are on the rise with our impact on the planet. We have to find way to lower our impact by investing in climate solutions (called “Cooldowns”), investing in sustainable power, and divesting from unsustainable power (fossil fuels). We also must help restore the land and ocean, which we do by investing in these Cooldowns. There are up to 5 rounds of the game in which we have time to cool down our impact and heal the planet.

Climate Cooldown is yet to have an exact release date. We are projecting to have the game available for purchase as soon as the end of June 2023.

This game is designed for gamers of all ages (8+), science classes in elementary schools, middle schools, high schools and colleges, homeschoolers and more.

– Dynamics of global increase in carbon emissions.
– Existing power sources: sustainable and unsustainable, and what their impacts are.
– Investments in a sustainable future for the planet.
– The importance of not wasting food resources.
– The importance of diplomacy, compromise.
– The importance of aid, support, donation of excess resources.
– The need to invest in sustainable/renewable power before divesting from unsustainable/non-renewable power.
– The impact of both natural and anthropogenic disasters, and possible solutions for some of the disasters.
– The problem of plastic waste and pollution.
– Cooperation during challenges that we are faced up against.
– Reflecting upon real life scenarios within a game-based learning environment.

The “normal” mode of gameplay is challenging but very achievable. Once you are able to succeed in winning the game in “normal” mode, there is a “hard” mode in which the stakes are even higher (and closer to real life) in which you have even more difficult requirements to win the game. These include needing to divest from all fossil fuels (Natural gas, petroleum and coal).

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Clean Earth Future is a partner of ONE TREE PLANTED. For every game that is purchased we donate to ONE TREE PLANTED to support reforestation of the planet!