Most plastic is manufactured from petroleum the end product of a few million years of natural decay of […]
Among the global efforts to remove litter and material waste from our environment is the environmental […]
The Plastic Bank is an organization setting out to stop ocean plastic and poverty by turning […]
  A hard truth to swallow, but according to Rozalia Project, we are eating our fleece! […]
Although it may seem counter-intuitive–consider for a moment that recycling may have us incidentally wasting more, […]
Beginning July 1, 2018, restaurants in Seattle will no longer provide plastic straws and utensils to […]
Founded by Richard Hardiman, Ranmarine Technology uses WasteShark — 24-hour on-the-water drones. The solar-powered drones collect detritus, marine […]
Why use plastic wrap when you can use sustainable Bee’s Wrap? Bee’s Wrap is washable, reusable […]
With roughly 80 chapters in 10 regions around the globe, the Surfrider Foundation has a blueprint for […]
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