Social Plastic Foundation’s mission is to rid the oceans of plastic and provide a lifeline to […]
Saturday, September 15th 2018 (9AM-NOON) is Coastal Cleanup Day 2018 for California. If you’re in southern […]
Based out of the waterfront partnership of Baltimore, Maryland and going by the name “Professor & […]
Litterati, created by Jeff Kirschner, is a global community that’s crowdsource-cleaning the planet, from students in South […]
Ocean Conservancy is the name, and international coastal cleanup is the game: “Harnessing the Power of […]
Open Litter Map is a web-based litter-mapping game to generate Open Data for a healthier planet. By […]
  Marine Debris office of Response and Restoration has great resources on learning about debris! Here […]
  (ABOVE: Marine Debris Tracker) The Mobile App Marine Debris Tracker originated in 2010 from a joint […]
4Ocean is an organization of teams that help clean the ocean and beaches around the world. […]
In Delft, Netherlands a team by the name of “Se@Drone” is developing an unmanned surface and […]